Cheslyn Hay Otters
For People with Disabilities
Registered Charity No. 514692
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The Telford Team Cheslyn Hay Otters is a small, friendly swimming club for disabled people with either a physical and or learning disability. We meet every Sunday for swimming, for training, learning to swim or for fun and keeping fit.

The club is open to people of all ages, from youngsters to over 80s. We are only a fairly small group but welcome new members and ask them to come and join us for a couple of weeks before they decide if it's for them. Swimmers who decide to join us complete a membership form and we have a small membership fee. Siblings, parents and carers are encouraged to come too and have a swim. Each swimmer must have somebody with them, either on poolside or in the water.

The club has been going since January 1981 and is run by a committee of parents, carers and volunteers.

Each year in February we hold club races in which everyone takes part. There are race for all strokes and even if you can't swim yet we have a walking race across the pool.

Over the years we have purchased various items of clothing, our most recent being green polo shirts and swimming bags for those who enter galas. These were bought from a grant from Staffordshire carers: Community Wellbeing Fund.

The club also enjoys social events and has an annual presentation event, an AGM and we go on an Activity week or weekend which involves some sport or outings in the day and dancing most of the night.

We have been fortunate to receive several grants but do some fund raising ourselves and every other year we have a sponsored swim in which everyone takes part.

We have a constitution of Rules and Written Policies for
• Health and safety (water safety guideline for swimmers)
• Equal Opportunities Policy
• Child Protection Policy

We are fully insured.

We meet every Sunday at;
Cheslyn Hay Leisure Centre
Saredon Road
Cheslyn Hay

From 12 noon to 1pm (closed Christmas and Easter Day)

Phone Number 01922 417790
Contact for further details 01785 713090

Also Available
Disabled Changing Room
Wheelchair Access